The Golden Visa program was created in 2012 with the aim of attracting foreign investment in Portugal. The program makes it possible to obtain residency to foreigners who invest in Portugal. It is available for nationals from outside of the EU (European Union) and the EEA (European Economic Area) and allows for traveling within the European countries (Schengen Area).
Portuguese golden visa holders will get a temporary residence permit that will be valid for one year. The subsequent renewals of the visa will last for two years. Golden visa holders may request permanent residency in Portugal after five years and then after six years, they can apply for Portuguese citizenship.

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What are its benefits and advantages? 

  • Visa-free entry to Portugal

  • Visa-free travel throughout the 26 Schengen countries of the European Union

  • Possibility to study, work and live in Portugal

  • Residency may extend to family members

  • Possibility of obtaining permanent residency after five years

  • Possibility to apply for a European passport after six years

What are the minimum stay requirements in Portugal for this visa type?

Only seven days are required in the first year and 14 days in the subsequent two years.

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  • Capital Transfer

Bank transfer of a minimum of 1 million euros to Portugal.

  • Creation of 10 jobs

Creation of a company that hires at least ten people in a fulltime position

  • Invest € 500,000 in Real Estate

Real estate investment of a minimum of € 500,000 for any property type and anywhere located in Portugal

  • Invest in the renovation of a property

Renovation of an eligible property which should be, or over 30 years old, or located in a designated urban rehabilitation area (ARU).


Need assistance in obtaining your Golden Visa?

As we briefly touched on obtaining a Golden Visa, we understand that it may be challenging if you don't speak the language and don't know where to start. If you require assistance in connecting you with lawyers who specialize in property and immigration law, feel free to reach out to us.

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