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How Home Staging Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

Currently, the real estate market has a wide range of properties, so highlighting your property is essential to rent or sell better and faster. Through the Real Estate Technique Home Staging, you can fine-tune and expedite its sale or rental.

Home Staging

Home staging places special emphasis on two rooms of the house that are decisive when a tenant or buyer makes a final decision, namely the kitchen and the bathroom. It is logical that if you want to have a good buyer or tenant profile, you have to offer a good product, and for this you must do a set-up of your property. Antique or worn furniture and decoration can add years to the house. You must also prevent the property from becoming like a warehouse where the owner stores the furniture he wants to get rid of.

Keys to Success

In this sense, with a minimum investment, you can prepare your house in a way that is attractive to the buyer or tenant. 4 fundamental keys are recommended that will surely improve the sale or rental of your property:

1-Do a general in-depth cleaning.

2-Clear, Order and Organize each space.

3- Depersonalize to create neutral environments.

4- Repair any damages.

By putting these aspects into practice, you can get the most out of your property by highlighting its positive points, its benefits and advantages, so that the potential buyer or tenant feels at ease, and imagines living in it. We know that potential buyers decide whether or not to buy or rent between the first ninety seconds and a minute and a half of the visit, so it is essential to convey a good first impression.

Real Benefits

There are conclusions that you can draw from this, which provide real benefits to both the buyer and the seller:

1- Most of the properties that use home staging have not lowered their price. Moreover, some of them have increased their value (rent or sale). In this sense, you must bear in mind that you can increase the value or rent of the house depending on the investment made during the home staging process.

2- Help sell earlier. While the average time to sell a home is 10 months (2016), with home staging it is reduced to 1.25 months (eight times faster).

3- Help to rent faster. While the average time to rent a home is 4 months (2015), with Home Staging it is reduced to 9.5 days.

4- In relation to customer satisfaction, 89% of them are very satisfied and 9% satisfied.

Contact a Realtor

In short, you have to be aware that, in addition to selling or renting a house, you are selling a home. The buyer or tenant has to feel as if the property is a home, a place to relax, enjoy and be happy. You must not forget that a positive first impression helps connect the buyer emotionally and remember the home more easily. Contact a realtor to find out more about home staging.

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