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How to Move With Your Pet

Moving with your pet to a new home can be a stressful time in your pet's life. The moving process is difficult when you have a pet. Be sure to design a plan for your set moving day that results in both of you being worry-free.

Pets sense the change. They will begin to display symptoms of anxiety if it is not addressed promptly. Don't forget about your pet's needs while you move. They matter too! The best way to consider your pet’s needs when moving is to advance the transition as uncomplicated as possible.

We have come up with the top four ways to move that allow pets to be stress-free.

Four Ways to Move With Your Pet

These are the four ways to move to a new home with a pet to expedite the anxiety that it might have.

1. Maintain your pet's routine.

Remember that pets are creatures of habit. When their schedule changes, they experience stress. It's easy to skip their feeding times or walk times while you are in the middle of packing. For this reason, it is imperative to stick to your pet's normal routine and make time to reassure them. Your pet doesn't understand why you are packing. They will begin to think you have forgotten to feed them, or worse, have abandoned them. To keep anxiety at a minimum, on the days leading up to the move and on moving day follow these simple tips:

  • Feed your pet at its usual times

  • Don't skip walks

  • Be patient

2. Find a comfortable spot for your pet while you move

When you are moving, the mess is unavoidable, but it would be best if you kept a space open for your pet. This space can be a small room, a corner, or even a closet. Doing this can help greatly because your pet will escape there when it starts to feel overwhelmed. Although, it would be ideal if you could have a trusted friend or family member watch your pet for you while you move. Another great idea is to enroll your dog in a doggy daycare service. You will not worry about them as you pack up the home.

3. Inform yourself about pet laws in your new area when you move with your pet.

Leash and pet laws vary from town to town, so do your research before moving. Remember to update your microchip information with your new house info. Also, update your pets' ID tags with your new address/phone number.

4. Pet-proof your home.

Secure your screens, windows, and doors in your new home. Go outside and examine your fence for potential escape routes. Fix any holes you may find in the fence or gate. Also, some plants can be dangerous. Review the plants in your backyard and remove or isolate any poisonous ones.

When you arrive at your new home, do a walk-through with your pet. If you have a cat, let it be. They will explore when they are comfortable with venturing out. Keep to your routine as much as possible and show your fur baby plenty of love during this stressful time. Moving with your pet doesn’t have to be a stressful time if you follow these four tips.

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