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Kuabit is an exclusive property buyer's agency in Portugal. We have years of real estate experience that has helped us gain extensive knowledge of the Portuguese market and a wide array of contacts across the real estate world. Using this network and our business knowledge, we help our clients find the most suitable properties. We guide them through the buying process, and secure the right one at the right price. Our clients include people, families, and corporations, and we aim to find the very best features to match your desires, no matter who you are. With us, there are no shortcuts; our focus is on providing you with the very best service.

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They say “home is where the heart is,” but for some, it is the workplace also.

Charlaine is from South Africa and moved to Portugal in 2015 after living in Dubai and Qatar in the Middle East. She traveled the world for 5 years and worked with different cultures and nationalities from around the world. Each country leaves its memories, but Portugal was an absolute favorite for her, so when a job opportunity came up to move to Portugal, she went for it.

Since young, she has always had a genuine interest in property. Sunday afternoons were for viewing showhouses just because she loved looking at property. Most of her free time was spent looking at property online and decided to turn her passion into a way of living.

Carlos is an IT program & project manager but loves to give a hand or sometimes two. Some people like to do sports to reduce stress; others enjoy playing video games; Carlos likes to find potential good deals and handle complex negotiations.

They recently had a baby boy, so Carlos had to step in and help even further. As an IT program & project manager, he had the opportunity to live and work abroad, mainly in the US, East Timor, and Brazil, so spotting opportunities, handling communications and negotiations comes naturally.

They love working together as they balance one other out; Charlaine is more in touch with the emotional side of purchasing a property, where Carlos is more investment-oriented. They like to think that their clients are getting the best of both worlds.

When they are with their clients, they are who they are. They genuinely connect and appreciate each journey with their clients and put themselves in their shoes, so it feels as exciting for them as it feels for their clients when they finally find their dream home.

Building long-lasting relationships based on trust and successful purchases are what matters to them.

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Our exclusive buyer´s agents are trained and have knowledge of the home buying process as well as negotiations. You can be sure to receive a guiding hand every step of the way with the buying process.

Working closely with each buyer and understanding their needs, wants, and wishes are our goal.

The Portuguese home buying process can be extremely stressful and time-consuming; however, with one of our agents, be sure to find the ideal home at the right price.

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

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Kuabit is an exclusive buyer´s agency and has helped many happy clients buy real estate in the Algarve, Braga, Cascais, Lisbon, and Porto. We´re happy to clarify any doubts that you may have. Reach out to us, and we’ll respond asap.

+351 932 264 359 (Portuguese mobile network number)

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What is a buyer's agent?

Very much like real estate agents who help you sell your home; a buyer's agent is a licensed professional who works with you. They act on your behalf from the initial search, shortlisting properties, analyzing, and then finally negotiating the purchase price—their aim to ensure that you do not overpay for a property. 

Most homebuyers make the mistake of choosing to work with a sales agent or a part-time buyer agent. The issue is that a lot of time is wasted, and these agents don't only work for you. When you sell a home, a sales agent is great, but when you are purchasing, 

then a dual agent might work against you.

Since seller's agents work for the seller and they aim to obtain the best price and terms for the seller. It would be best if you have a trustworthy agent who looks out for you and you alone. The best part of everything, it's potentially free!

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What does a buyer's agent do?

  • Hear your housing needs and objectives. 

  • Reduce stress and save you time from spending your own time searching the market, finding various places, and evaluating several properties. 

  • Educate you on the everchanging market conditions and the process of buying a property in Portugal

  • Filter many properties to find ones that suit your requirements

  • Use their vast network to provide you with exclusive access to new or "off-market listings."​

  • Shortlist and schedule home viewings

  • Give unbiased feedback on each property's positives and negatives.

  • Recommend other professionals. We can refer you to reliable mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, movers etc.

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Every day we work in the local real estate market, we study the current market trends, negotiate, write contracts, show properties, and, most importantly, build relationships with other agents. Our knowledge will be shared with you.



We will make all the calls, coordinate the viewings, and give you all the essential information about each property.



The seller pays the listing agent and in most cases, the listing agent will split the commission with the buyer's agent at closing. 

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We will follow your brief, do the search, and arrange viewings. Get your weekends back to enjoy, rather than spending endless time going through all the unsuitable online listings and avoiding the real estate agent pressure.



We deal with all aspects of your property buying process and only involve you when needed.

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Through our professional network, we can access new listings coming to market and off-market opportunities

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How are Buyer's Agents Paid? 

Agents are normally paid through the proceeds of a sale in Portugal. These agent fees are already built into the sales price; once the purchase is complete, the seller will pay the listing agents and, in most situations, these agents will split the commission with the buyer's agent. You still pay for it at the end, regardless of whether you want to be represented.

You thus get all the information, advice, and assistance, in most of the transactions, at no extra cost. As such, you have little to lose by having our agents assist you in the buying process.

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  1. You may be eligible for Portuguese citizenship by buying and maintaining ownership of a property for five years.

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2. A charming destination with over 300 days a year of sunshine!

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3. Tourism growth – Portugal won the "European leading Destination 2019" by World Travel Awards.

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4. It is a breathtaking country with unspoiled nature and sandy beaches, and at the World Travel Awards 2017, the Algarve was voted Europe's No.1 beach destination.

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5. Portugal is expat-friendly - Not only are Portuguese people welcoming and friendly, but many speak English in the major cities.


6. In Portugal, the cost of living is one of the lowest in Europe.

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7. Portugal is a secure place with a high degree of political stability (Ranked 3rd safest in the world in 2019 by Global Peace Index).

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8. Excellent Tax advantages through the NHR scheme and inheritance tax was abolished several years ago.

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9. It is easy to connect to the rest of the world, conveniently reachable from Africa, Europe, and the United States.

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10. Portugal's transport system is well built with excellent infrastructure and good road connections. Public transport is inexpensive and efficient.

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